Among all the bad that we have recovered from the old normality, there is the return of the two kisses on the cheek as a greeting to women in the professional field of those who want to make themselves known.

It has been taking off our masks and having a weight fall on us again that the covid had freed us from. That a stranger approaches his cheek to yours does not only represent that he lightly supports his lips on your face without you offering it or asking him. But on too many occasions it acts as a repellent because it means being in contact with the smell of your aftershave, with the oil on your skin or, worse, with a trace of your saliva or with the puff of your breath.

I don’t quite understand why we have to rescue that social convention that is more imposing than usual for women. It is nonsense that those two kisses that explode against the face continue to resonate in work or professional spaces in a society that wants to be egalitarian. If we are going to truly represent the values ​​of equality, then, gentlemen, please extend her hand to a woman so that she can shake it and stop looking for her cheek as if you have known her all your life. Formality is a poor excuse to give that greeting back a long life it doesn’t deserve. The weirdos of this world, and there are many of us, believe that a couple of those double kisses from work a day exceed the maximum ration of stamina that we can assume in an entire week.

And that one is very kissing, but only when there is trust and permission. I’m too fond of my inner circle to tolerate depending on what incursions. Let’s be selective. So it is worth cutting distances, and hugging, and being hugged. Oh, the cuddles. They denote more sincerity, release emotions and harmonize energies.

The kisses? That they be real. Those kisses that are born of love, friendship or both at the same time. The others, the kisses that arise from passion, above all. The ones that time the heartbeat and fill the lungs with air. Tender, slow. Those kisses in which you would stay to live forever.