TV ROYALTY. The television license fee should be abolished by Emmanuel Macron this year. The opportunity for some taxpayers to save money on their tax return.

[Updated May 17, 2022 9:59 AM] Promised, due! Emmanuel Macron had pledged to abolish the tv license if he ran for a second term, and he is preparing to keep this commitment. By summer, it should be removed. A gain of 138 euros less per tax household with a television. Good news for the 28 million people concerned who should save the same amount on their tax return, 88 euros overseas. The abandonment of this tax corresponds to a shortfall of 3.1 billion euros for the State. The news should be welcomed by French taxpayers when filling out their tax return, in these times of galloping inflation (4.8% in April over one year).

The TV license fee is a tax used to finance public broadcasting. Households that own a similar device (video recorder, DVD player or video projector) equipped with a tuner and connected to a screen, for example, are also concerned. The contribution to public broadcasting is due for a tax household, regardless of the number of televisions and residences subject to housing tax. The amount of the contribution to public broadcasting (CAP) is 138 euros in mainland France and 88 euros in the overseas departments. The deadline was set for November 20. You therefore expose yourself to an increase in the contribution to public broadcasting.

Find out you owe the TV license fee and want to know if there are any exemption situations? Here are the taxpayers who are not subject to this tax:

Remember that the reference tax income must also not exceed certain ceilings. Here are the benchmark tax income limits not to be exceeded:

In 2021, the public audiovisual contribution amounts to 138 euros, for everyone and regardless of the composition of your household or the number of televisions. This is the same rate as last year’s TV license fee. Overseas, it is lower since it stands at 88 euros. As a reminder, the contribution to public broadcasting must be paid each year. Since 2005, it is backed by the housing tax. Its amount is therefore listed on the local tax assessment notice.

The TV license fee is paid at the same time as the residence tax. If you are one of the households totally exempt thanks to the abolition of local tax on main residences, you will still receive a council tax notice, notifying you that you have nothing to pay, but that you must still pay the TV license fee. The payment deadline is November 15 (November 20 if paying online). Remember that a 10% surcharge applies in the event of late payment.