At least 35 people were injured by a collapsing ceiling at a wedding celebration in Tuscany on Saturday evening. At least six participants in the party in the central Italian community of Pistoia had to be taken to hospital with serious injuries, the authorities said.

The accident occurred in a former monastery that is now used for events. The ceiling came down while the wedding couple and their guests danced. The couple – both 26 years old – are also among the injured. The cause of the collapse was still unclear on Sunday.

In total, more than 150 people took part in the wedding and the subsequent celebration. Some had already left the festival at the time of the accident. Around 60 participants received medical care. According to the president of the Tuscany region, Eugenio Giani, more than half of them were taken to hospitals. There were also several children among them. According to the authorities, no one’s life is in danger.

The restaurant is a centuries-old former Franciscan monastery called Convento di Giaccherino, which was sold in 2005. Today weddings and other private or business events take place there. There is now a huge hole in the ceiling. The floor of the ballroom was covered with rubble. The rescue workers were on duty with more than a hundred helpers.