Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to travel to Russia against the background of the war in Ukraine. As announced by the Foreign Ministry in Beijing, the state visit at the invitation of the Russian President is planned for next Monday to Wednesday. It is the Chinese leader’s first visit to Moscow since Russia invaded Ukraine.

According to the Kremlin, Xi Jinping is expected to pay a state visit to Moscow from March 20-22. “Negotiations will discuss topical issues of further development of relations towards comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation between Russia and China,” the Kremlin said. In addition, it is about cooperation on the international stage.

China is considered a close ally of Russia and did not condemn Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. The Chinese government said the West was to blame for the conflict. At the same time, Beijing has so far largely complied with the international sanctions against Moscow in order not to become the target of punitive measures itself.

In February, Beijing presented a position paper on the Ukraine war that called for respect for sovereignty, an end to a “Cold War mentality”, a ceasefire and the resumption of peace negotiations. It had disappointed internationally, also because it did not even provide for the withdrawal of Russian troops from occupied areas in Ukraine. Recently, Beijing reacted angrily to warnings from the United States that the country could possibly supply weapons to Russia in the Ukraine war.