A good seven months after the violent death of a 14-year-old in Lohr am Main, Franconia, the murder charge against the alleged perpetrator has been admitted. The trial against the 14-year-old is scheduled to begin on May 3rd in the Würzburg regional court, a court spokeswoman said on Wednesday. The “Main-Echo” had previously reported. The public is excluded from the proceedings before the youth chamber. According to the law, this is always the case if the proceedings are directed exclusively against a young person.

According to the prosecution’s findings, the suspect acted out of pure desire to murder – following the example of the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. “He only committed the act to kill someone,” said a spokesman for the authority when the charges were brought.

Dahmer, who committed one of the most grisly murder series in the USA and about whom there is a Netflix series, dismembered his at least 17 male victims between 1978 and 1991 and ate body parts.

The accused German is said to have killed his victim with a shot in the head from behind on September 8, 2023 on a school campus in the small town of Lohr in the Main-Spessart district. The murder weapon, a nine-millimeter pistol, legally belonged to a neighbor of the defendant. How the student got the gun is not publicly known.

A 15-year-old alerted the police to the events on the day of the crime, a Friday during the summer holidays. A short time later, officers discovered the dead 14-year-old. He was an Italian citizen and had lived in Lohr for years.

The court has scheduled 17 days of hearings for the proceedings until August 9th. For juveniles, the maximum sentence for murder is ten years. However, according to the court, preventive detention is possible under strict conditions.

Juvenile Court Act