This text comes from the stern archive and was first published in 2019.

The Germans know that good things are so close at hand, and they behave that way: one in three spends their main vacation in their own country, and the trend is rising. More than half of Germans also prefer to cover short distances rather than travel long distances.

The good news: You don’t have to travel far to find true dream destinations, many are right on our doorstep. Germany is the world in miniature, full of obvious and hidden beauty, blessed with great diversity: seas, lakes and rivers, mountains, meadows and forests, palaces and fortresses, villages and big cities – Germany can do it all.

Most holidaymakers are drawn to the Baltic and North Seas and the Bavarian mountains. But regions such as the Harz, the Rhön and the Eifel are also recording growth after investing in their tourism infrastructure: in hotels and restaurants, paths and pools, suspension bridges and treetop paths. People from all parts of the country work in the desstern editorial team. We asked them about their dream destinations in Germany. For places they would recommend to friends. We selected these 50 from the suggestions. Have fun traveling afterwards!

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