Next weekend there will hardly be any other topic of conversation in Great Britain: The coronation weekend is coming up from May 6th to 8th, 2023, which starts with the coronation in Westminster Abbey on May 6th. After Charles will be officially crowned, a big concert, a celebratory meal and a holiday with many activities are still on the agenda. In short: It will all be about King Charles III. turn, which will be celebrated by many prominent guests.

But who is actually behind the title of king? If you want to know more about Charles, you are well advised to read his biography “Charles III. – With the heart of a king”. It appeared in 2015, has been renewed and expanded again and again, and provides insights into the eventful life of the 74-year-old.

Anyone who has not yet dealt with Charles as a person in more detail will have perceived him as a mostly very professional person who tends to appear in the background. However, the book paints the picture of a complex personality with many passions, driven by his past and the very clear philosophy of being active in the country. The book was written by bestselling author and award-winning journalist Catherine Mayer, who has spent decades researching the world of the British royal family. Interviews with the closest circle of friends, companions, employees and also with himself flow into the biography. Likewise, of course, the background to his relationships with Lady Diana and Camilla.

The reader learns that Charles III. often insecure, part of a bizarre upbringing, tough but also gentle, influential but also empathetic. Even as a prince, Charles was much more than just the future king on hold – that explains the work clearly. But also: that things are not always rosy in the royal family; that it is no easy task to bear the title of king; and that even a king is just a man with ups and downs.

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