“Finding lost talents and attracting new employees” in the hotel and restaurant sector. This was, according to Véronique Hovart, director of the Manpower agency in Paris, the challenge of the job dating day organized a few days ago by the temporary work company. In Paris, she says, the initiative has made it possible to put “dozens of candidates” against “dozens of offers”.

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We won’t know more. One certainty: recruitment in this sector is a constant concern. In Île-de-France, Pôle emploi and Umih (Union of hotel trades) will organize a dedicated job dating in June. “Aspirations have evolved on the side of employees, their expectations meet those of companies less easily. They must agree to recruit differently”, observes Nathalie Moutel, deputy regional director of Pôle emploi in Île-de-France.

“We are too often seen as carriers of plates”

Franck Delvau, president of Umih Paris-Île-de-France, believes that “it is also the role of National Education to highlight our profession, to show that it is a beautiful profession, for which social elevator works. You can start at the first level and end up opening your own establishment. »

At the prestigious Ferrandi hotel school, we share this concern. On Wednesday May 18, high school students are organizing an open day dedicated to tableware on one of the school’s campuses, in Saint-Gratien (Val-d’Oise).

“We are too often seen as carriers of plates, regrets Yann Arhan, 19, student of bac pro. Our profession is not highlighted, yet it requires know-how and interpersonal skills. But to make up for the urgent lack of seasonal workers for this summer, Umih plans to hire young Tunisians who have graduated from specialized schools. It is still necessary to be able to accommodate them in the workplace.