For hoteliers, it will mean being able to make profitable clients lost until now. For adolescents, it will be another possible plan when it comes to getting together with their friends, beyond furtive bottles in which to hide from the secret fine and the dreaded notice to parents. And for the latter, perhaps, it will mean sleeping more peacefully. Or at least, have a nap in peace, because the decree approved yesterday by the Board limits a schedule that goes from 5:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. so that discos, party rooms or karaoke bars can propose ‘light’ sessions. The Minister of Economy, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, explained more details of the regulations. For example, that these “youth sessions” will be aimed exclusively at an audience between 14 and 17 years old, both inclusive.

The solution would avoid night noises or altercations, according to the note issued by the Board, in addition to providing “a safe and controlled environment” for minors. “We seek a balance between giving them an alternative leisure response and offering them protection,” said the regional executive spokesman.

In fact, that protective facet of the text is reflected in more than one sense. Alcohol or tobacco -but also any type of game or bet- will be off the table. Or rather, outside the premises. They cannot be marketed, but neither can they be advertised or kept in sight, warns the regulation, which seeks to avoid the consumption of these substances or the development of early gambling.

no adults

In addition, except in the case of the workers themselves (“people with labor or commercial links and organizers”), any person who has reached the age of 18 will also stay at the door. One more point to achieve that space “free from harmful influences or stimuli”, according to the note from the Board. “We see it as a protection measure for these minors,” insisted Carriedo. Against a background and news that includes several open cases related to sexual violence and assaults on minors, he clarified that, as an additional guarantee, the staff will have to present the certificate that proves that they have not committed crimes of a sexual nature.

But waiters and DJs aside, cafes, bowling alleys or multi-leisure venues that want to take advantage of this novelty will have to hang a legible sign that specifies ‘Youth session. The entry of children under 14 years and over 18 years is prohibited. And to review DNI has been said, but in this case paying attention to the birthday people when controlling access, and not only those who are ‘very young’.

Carriedo emphasized that they wanted to “regulate” the proposal “to offer it in the best possible way.” And it is that, until now, a similar session was unfeasible in Castilla y León, due to the mere fact of the absence of an autonomous regulation. This did not happen in other regions, such as in the Community of Madrid, since Law 7/2006 authorized the ‘light’ parties, but referred to a subsequent regulatory development by the communities. And in this case, it was a pending task. For this reason, it was a recurring demand of the sector, as recognized by the head of Economy, who presented the decree yesterday after the Governing Council every Thursday.

From now on, establishments that want to put into practice these parties without alcohol and without adults in the afternoon (either on a regular or occasional basis), must request permission from the territorial delegation of the Board of their province.