Paper. But paper money. It is what they had to strive to rescue, from the recycling container among magazines, brochures, envelopes, cardboard and newspapers from days gone by, agents of the Municipal Police of Valladolid and workers of the Cleaning Service of the capital. They had been deposited there this Monday, a few minutes before, by a person from whom no further data has emerged.

It was another resident of the populous neighborhood of Las Delicias who gave the alert. It happened early in the day. Passing by a dumpster on General Shelly Street, he saw another person throw something inside that caught his attention. It didn’t look like waste paper. At first glance and from a distance, the impression is that it was money that was inside the bag.

So he decided to notify the police, who got to work.

Already in the place, the agents had found the ‘loot’. Fortunately, the waste had recently been collected, so it didn’t take long for the ‘suspicious’ bag to be recovered. And, yes, what was inside was money. A lot of money. More than 46,000 euros, most of them in 5, 20 and 50 euro bills, according to information provided by the Municipal Police to Ep.

The facts have been brought to the attention of the Duty Court and the money, in collection.

Some witnesses claimed that it was possible that the person who left the bills in the container had psychiatric problems, although the Municipal Police cannot corroborate these claims.