The National Police is looking for two men who raped a 28-year-old Irish tourist in the old bed of the Turia river in Valencia during the early hours of Saturday, June 18. The young man was enjoying his last night of vacation in the Turia capital before returning to his country.

According to the story that the victim offered to the agents, she was in an entertainment venue in the central neighborhood of Carmen with a friend, when she met the alleged aggressors, who convinced her to continue the party in another place, according to what she has advanced. the newspaper «Levante-EMV».

According to this information, once they reached the riverbed, faced with the intentions of the two men -according to their description, of Arab origin and with a French accent- they tried to leave.

At this moment, they grabbed him hard and tore his clothes, one anally raping him and the other assailant forcing him to give him fellatio.

After the reported events, they left the place and the victim was transferred to La Fe Hospital after activating the protocol in cases of rape. There, a forensic doctor confirmed the injuries consistent with an anal rape. Since then, the Police continue the search for the two strangers thanks to the description related by the attacked.