This Saturday, starting at 12:00 p.m., the 4th Final Tournament of the National Power League will be held in the outdoor area of ​​the Torrijos sports pavilion, an event with “a great impact” in which “the most strong in Spain, people with enormous preparation, “according to Emilio Marquiegui, the director of the Liga Nacional de Fuerza. At stake is the league champion belt, which will contribute “to increasing the spectacle.”

The mayor, Anastasio Arevalillo, explained that this tournament is being held for the first time in the town, so the idea is to “attract people to our town, so that everyone wins, the image of Torrijos wins, but also the hoteliers or the stores”.

The event “is going to be a party, the strongest man in Spain will be decided this Saturday in Torrijos,” added the Councilor for Sports, Félix Bandera.

In addition to the tournament itself, which will be held between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m., a party has been prepared in which “there will be children’s games, a DJ, solidarity paella and solidarity ham” for the benefit of Club Deportivo Torrijos, sponsor of the event, according to its president, Juan Amador.

The 4th Final Tournament of the National League of Strength will consist of five tests. The first will consist of dragging a ten-ton truck for 20 meters and sitting in a maximum of one and a half minutes.

The second will be to lift a cylinder three times, in which the competitors will be able to choose the weight. Obviously, whoever lifts the most weight will win.

The third is called ‘Carry Transport’, in which a Carry weighing 340 kilos will be transported over 20 meters in a maximum time of a minute and a half and in which the use of grips is not allowed.

The fourth is combined. Also for a maximum of a minute and a half they will have to carry a 135-kilo shield for 15 meters and return dragging a 166-kilo tire with harnesses for another 15 meters.

And the fifth is the lifting of five LNF stones, whose weights are 125, 135, 150, 155 and 165 kilos, to a support of 1.40 meters in a maximum time of a minute and a half. Partial times will be taken to avoid ties.