The Local Police of Valladolid has again arrested this Thursday the specialist in ‘simpas’, who for weeks has been leaving without paying from hotel establishments in the city of Pisuerga. When the agents asked him to identify himself, while trying to commit a new scam, “he refused, in addition to seriously assaulting and threatening them,” the municipal authorities have indicated through his Twitter account.

Thus, he has been arrested for this aggression and threat, accused of a crime of attack against authority. Already last Tuesday, March 31, DMV, 34, had been arrested for similar reasons.

He has numerous antecedents of a diverse nature, and in recent weeks he has accumulated several complaints from hoteliers who have seen how he left their bills unpaid.

If it does not exceed 400 euros, this behavior is considered a minor crime of fraud whose fine has to be established by a judge.

However, the recurrence of the same man in a short period of time has also meant that some scams were frustrated before it was too late, once the establishment chosen by the individual identified him, thanks to colleagues who managed to take a photo of him and they had put on notice.