Kamilla Cardoso and Angel Reese have stepped up to the plate for the Chicago Sky. The two rookies have shown great promise since their arrival in Chicago, and with recent injuries to key players, they have been thrust into the spotlight as starters.

Cardoso, who missed the first six games due to a shoulder injury, is now off a minutes restriction and has been performing well in her new role. Alongside Reese, they are laying the foundation for a Sky team that is counting on them for success.

With veteran center Elizabeth Williams out indefinitely, the pressure is on the young duo to fill her shoes. Coach Teresa Weatherspoon is clear that they should not feel the need to replicate Williams’ game but instead bring their own strengths to the team.

Reese and Cardoso have shown that they are ready for the challenge. Reese is the first player from the 2024 draft class to reach 100 points and 100 rebounds, while Cardoso has been a defensive force in the paint. Despite their early success, both players are focused on improving and growing their game.

As the Sky navigate a tough season, marked by offensive struggles and a lower spot in the standings, the development of Reese and Cardoso remains a top priority. The team is looking beyond wins and losses to build a strong foundation for the future.

Both players have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to play in Chicago and for the support of their coaches. They are embracing the grind of the WNBA season and are committed to becoming franchise players for the Sky.

In a season filled with challenges, Reese and Cardoso are shining bright for the Chicago Sky. Their growth and development will be key to the team’s success now and in the seasons to come.