A few hours after ‘El Confidencial’ published the alleged private trip to the United States by Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, paid for with funds from this body, the RFEF has issued a three-point statement denying the facts and explaining that the displacement responded to institutional and work reasons.

In the first of the points, the Federation assures that “again, this information is false. The journalist has not verified this information and has only one forced, false and malicious version. The trip to which the news refers was institutional, work and in search of more income for the RFEF ».

“On this trip, the president of the RFEF was accompanied by Juan Rubiales, at that time director of the RFEF Cabinet and Antonio Gómez-Reino, director of Institutional Relations of the RFEF,” he adds.

“This trip was paid by the RFEF only to these three federations.”

The note continues in its second section explaining that “there was a large work agenda closed in advance, facts that will be accredited at the headquarters where appropriate” and describes as “slander” what was published this Monday by ‘El Confidencial’, within a ” campaign of harassment and takedown against the president and his team”.

“It can be shown that the document published by this newspaper is manipulated with the intention of making it appear that the trip was personal to Luis Rubiales, crossing out the name of the president’s federative companions, and using an intimate photo,” he adds.

“In addition, in a new attack on journalistic ethics, a personal photographic file that has been stolen by a robbery that is being investigated is republished,” he recalls about the theft of the RFEF president’s phone.

In a final point, the Federation explains that “last Wednesday the request for precautionary measures should have been decided in Court 1 of Pozuelo de Alarcón, but they did not take place because a postponement was requested by the lawyer of ‘El Confidencial’, deciding on the Judged that said act be held today, May 16, at 1:00 p.m. If these precautionary measures are given, it would be impossible to publish this information obtained illegally. Bad faith is appreciated in publishing this false news today before the decision of the precautionary measures with the aim of trying to influence the judge’s decision.