It was a foggy morning in November 2022 when two men parked a car, shouldered backpacks and set off, a route through the forests on Schneeberg. One, Peter Wörner, had his wolfdog with him for the hike in the Fichtelgebirge.

Wörner had just met the other man, Tom. When he drove his friends Nadya and Steffi to a two-day survival training course in Franconian Switzerland that Wörner organized. Wörner used to be an elite soldier in the Bundeswehr, but now he organized survival camps. Tom had introduced himself to him as a former Bundeswehr officer, long-serving in the Upper Palatinate, experienced in the civilian logistics industry. Full beard, early 50s, close to nature, divorced, trained lone fighter. A life story that was similar to Wörner’s. Not entirely coincidental.

That’s what happened, at least that’s what documents from the investigative authorities say. They also say that Tom’s real name is not Tom, and the names of his supposed girlfriends Nadya and Steffi are also made up. All three worked as undercover investigators for the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), “Operational Operations and Investigation Support” department, Unit OE43. Their task back then, in November 2022: a suspected terrorist network of Reich citizens operating across Germany around the Frankfurt real estate dealer Heinrich XIII. To enlighten Prince Reuss from within. Wörner was apparently considered a particularly important member of the group by the BKA.

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