The spokesman for the Socialist Group in Congress, Héctor Gómez, has urged the PP on Tuesday to give explanations for the audios known in recent days in which the former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo speaks with the former general secretary of the party, María Dolores de Cospedal, or former Madrid president Esperanza Aguirre, and has not closed the door to the investigation commission on what are known as ‘state sewers’ demanded by United We Can and their parliamentary allies.

In a press conference in Congress, Gómez stressed that even while in the opposition, the PP has not been able to “purify” its previous political actions and has urged Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s party to “give public explanations” about everything relative to cases such as ‘Kitchen’ or ‘Tándem’.

In his opinion, the ‘popular’ must respond publicly to all this information, “extremely serious”, regardless of what the courts end up determining with respect to all the pieces linked to Villajero.

Asked if all this could be the subject of an investigative commission in Congress and if it could be included in the one that United We Can and the majority of the Government’s parliamentary partners have asked to open, Gómez pointed out that his party still has to study in depth what they want exactly these formations.

“It is very important to see the radius, the scope, the content and the real object,” he said, without closing the door to support the creation of that investigation commission that this Tuesday has formally qualified the Congress Table and that will be the subject of debate in the Board of Spokespersons next week.

It will be then when the PSOE pronounces itself on the matter, although Gómez has already indicated that these commissions must serve to resolve “political responsibilities and shed light” on the facts investigated.