After having given in and agreed with ERC and Junts that Spanish is not a “language of learning” in Catalonia, the PSC now conditions its support for the future decree law that the Government wants to approve to shield Catalan in the classroom against 25% of Castilian that establishes justice. This was commented on Thursday by the first secretary of the Catalan socialists, Salvador Illa.

“We have not guaranteed our support, we want to see the literalness and if any reference or statement is spoken or made that may lead to a breach of judicial decisions, we will not give our support”, he detailed in an interview in Ser Cataluña, in which he also He has commented that he would like there to be no judicial resolution regarding the use of languages ​​in the classroom.

In a similar vein, Illa has celebrated that the agreement reached between the PSC, ERC, Junts and the commons maintains “the essentials” of the document presented on March 24 by the four formations and from which Junts dropped hours later due to pressure networking. On this, he has defended dialogue and the outstretched hand with all voices but has criticized that sometimes political parties are “too aware” of the opinion of associations and entities to make decisions.

In addition, the socialist leader has said that he does not feel responsible for the two months of negotiations and has assured that the PSC has made an “extraordinary effort on the matter”, which he has described as important for its symbolism and for coexistence in Catalonia, but he has criticized that the document was revised after signing it.