Before the statements of Yolanda Díaz or PNV asking to review inviolability, in ‘Génova’ they believe that it is a “smokescreen”


The general secretary of the PP and spokesperson for the Popular Group in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, greeted this Friday the return to Spain of the emeritus king and has warned that the Government of PSOE and United We Can “has nothing to say about whether a Spaniard can or not come to your country.

Specifically, the king emeritus will arrive in Spain this Thursday, on his first trip since he settled in August 2020 in the United Arab Emirates, and on Monday he will meet King Felipe VI in Madrid, as reported by Zarzuela. As Casa Real has specified in a statement, Don Juan Carlos has asked his son this Wednesday to “make public his decision to travel to Spain from tomorrow, May 19, until next Monday, May 23.”

At a press conference in the PP, after the meeting of the management committee chaired by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Gamarra has “welcomed” Don Juan Carlos to his country. “We hope that he has a good stay in what is his house,” he emphasized.

That said, he stressed that “there is no institution that will keep this government alive” because “if it is not one part” of the Executive, it is the “other.” “In the end, everything they do weakens the structures and institutions of our state,” he emphasized.

When asked if the PP believes that the king emeritus should give explanations or apologize for his behavior, even though he has been exonerated by the Justice, Gamarra stressed that the PP recognizes “the role that in the history of democracy in Spain has played Don Juan Carlos.

“And in what affects his private life, he is the one who has to decide to make his decisions. We do not enter into that,” said the general secretary of the ‘popular’.

Asked later how he values ​​the Government being able to pressure the Royal House so that Juan Carlos I does not set foot in Spain again, Gamarra stressed that the Executive “has nothing to say about whether or not a Spaniard can come to his country.”

“The only thing missing was that a Spaniard cannot come to his country when he considers it appropriate. I think that is something very basic that the Government should respect,” concluded the also spokesperson for the Popular Group in Congress.

Before the declarations of the vice president Yolanda Díaz or the PNV asking to review and open the debate on the inviolability of the king, in ‘Génova’ they believe that it is a “smokescreen”. “And for smokescreens, we are not here,” say sources from the PP leadership.

In this sense, in the leadership of the Popular Party they emphasize that the Government of Pedro Sánchez “are not in a position to reform the Constitution.” According to the same sources, inviolability is “perfectly reflected” in the Magna Carta.