The provincial president of the Popular Party of Toledo, Carlos Velázquez, has held a meeting with the Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, in which he has transferred the importance of recovering the health agreement that allowed the residents of the municipalities in the north of Toledo receive health care in the hospitals of the Community of Madrid.

The agreement, signed by the two autonomous communities in 2015, and voted in favor by President Emiliano García-Page when he was a senator, was paralyzed by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, which did not allow its application in Toledo.

Velázquez has pointed out that “access to public health services is a priority for all citizens, who demand their right to close and quality health care and who do not understand the creation of borders that limit people’s access to services nearby restrooms.

The provincial president of the PP has recalled that the health agreement responded to a historical demand from the inhabitants of the municipalities in the north of Toledo, such as Seseña, which border the Community of Madrid, and who claim to be able to receive health care in the most nearby, regardless of which autonomous community it belongs to.

Thus, he recalled that only in Seseña almost 10,000 people decided to take advantage of the agreement to be treated in Madrid hospitals.

In the same way, Velázquez thanked the Madrid Minister of Health for “the sensitivity and generosity shown by the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso with patients from Toledo who attend nearby hospitals in Madrid and who are treated despite García’s indifference -Page before this demand».

In this sense, the PP spokesman in the Seseña City Council, Jaime de Hita, explained that this municipality was the one that registered the highest number of requests to adhere to the agreement, which could be in force since January 2016. However, Five years have passed «and the regional government of García-Page has not given any solution to the residents who decided to choose the Madrid hospitals, who have to continue traveling more than 50 kilometers to go to the Toledo Hospital, when the Tajo Hospital, in Aranjuez, it is only 10 kilometers away.”

With the application of this measure, the inhabitants of 30 Toledo municipalities (Esquivias, Borox, Yeles, Noblejas, Villarrubia de Santiago, Villatobas, Ocaña, Cabañas de Yepes, Dos Barrios, Ontígola, Seseña, Yepes, Ciruelos, Huerta de Valdecarábanos, Villamuelas , Villasequilla, Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Illescas, Carranque, Cedillo, El Viso de San Juan, Numancia de la Sagra, Palomeque, Ugena, Yuncos, Valmojado, Casarrubios del Monte, La Torre de Esteban Hambrán and Méntrida) could choose which public hospital center they want to receive health care, whether in the Tajo hospital, in the Infanta Cristina or continue attending the Toledo Hospital, according to the Popular Party.