The president of the Diputación de Alicante and leader of the PP of the Valencian Community, Carlos Mazón, has criticized the “silence” of the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, regarding the legal situation of Mónica Oltra and has pointed to him as responsible that she continue as councilor and vice-president of the Consell. “The responsibility that Oltra continues to protect minors in the Valencian Community belongs to Puig”, he stated.

This is how he pronounced this Monday in statements to the media at the Provincial Palace after being asked about Oltra’s reaction to the Prosecutor’s Office report in the case of the alleged cover-up of abuse of a minor by an educator — her ex-husband Luis Eduardo Ramíer Icardi–.

Mazón has criticized Oltra for “trying to blame everyone”. “We have heard Mónica Oltra blame everyone, first they tried to blame poor Maite – the youngest – who came out handcuffed from there, who has been the only victim of this alleged hunt, then they blamed to all the parties that were not of her rope, both her and all Compromís; now it seems that the fault lies with the prosecutors and the jurisdictional bodies, it is seen that it is that we are all to blame for everything that has happened”, has regretted.

For this reason, he has insisted on the need to “reflect” on “who has the responsibility of keeping Oltra in the Consell”. “We cannot forget that the spokesperson for Ximo Puig is Mónica Oltra, who is the spokesperson for the Consell de la Generalitat, we cannot forget that the guardianship of minors, still today, on behalf of Ximo Puig is Mónica Oltra “, has added.

In this way, he insisted, it is Puig “who has a minister and a vice president as spokesperson who protects minors in the Community to the astonishment of all of us.”

“It is a responsibility of Puig, of which we do not know what he thinks beyond, obviously, how could it be otherwise, that he respects justice. It would be missing more, how is justice not going to be respected, but at the dignity? to coherence? to blaming everyone? Does the president of the Generalitat agree with having Oltra protect minors in the Community, blaming everyone except whoever it corresponds to? ?, Mazón wondered.

Along the same lines, the ‘popular’ has pointed out: “When is he going to break his silence? Why did they refuse the investigation commission as we have been reiterating several times? We do not know the answers to these questions, and above all What responsibility does the president of the Generalitat have? None? When he puts in and removes ministers, well, I think this is the most important thing to reflect on”.

Likewise, he has remarked that “one has to decide whether to assume responsibilities or not, because one thing is to stay in an armchair and another thing is to govern, because governing implies making decisions and above all if it is within your competence and your responsibility” .

[Ximo Puig supports Mónica Oltra despite the serious accusations of the Prosecutor’s Office for the case of her ex-husband]

“The responsibility of the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, among many others, is to put the best possible person in charge of the guardianship of minors, and now judge for yourself if guardianship of minors in the Valencian Community is maintained at the best possible person,” Mazón explained.

He has also considered that Puig has the competence “to keep the ministers in office or not” and has recalled that “recently” there was a remodeling of the Consell that did not affect Oltra. “It seems that the remodeling was a bit complicated because nobody wanted to be a Minister at this point in the film, but it seems that those who are there do not want to move,” he stressed.

Finally, he insisted on asking Puig if “he is going to assume his responsibility or not, because the difference between being in a government and governing is quite evident in this case.”