Fabrice Gomme left Oise Thursday morning to complete the one million km he had driven in his Peugeot 307. This Friday, the symbolic bar was crossed in front of the Peugeot adventure Museum in Sochaux (Doubs), right next to the historical industrial site of the French manufacturer. The car was released in 2006. However, reports from “Le Parisien” continued to block its counter.

It’s because there is no seventh orange number between the needles on its dashboard. “It’s stuck! Nothing happens when we have travelled 1,200 m too far!” Fabrice Gomme smiled, but was still slightly disappointed. The counter remained at six figures, despite being only a few hundred meters away from the factory.

The Picard Fabrice Gomme has succeeded in his crazy bet: passing the milestone of one million kilometers in Sochaux, where his car was designed.https://t.co/D21PQIrIcM

He said, “It’s still a emotional moment. It was Christmas all day.” The driver was able visit the factory that made his vehicle to complete the journey from Oise-Sochaux. An employee says, “We worked on parts for this model.” Many of them received Fabrice Gomme’s cards with “1,000,000 Thanks” written on them.