Coincidence or not, but a day after ABC published a story reporting a wave of robberies in restaurants and shops in the historic center of Toledo, this Friday the National Police has notified the arrest of a young man moments after rob a bar in this neighborhood.

The detainee in question is a 21-year-old man who, as reported to ABC by police sources, had numerous records for similar events. The crime took place during the early hours of May 16, when the establishment’s alarm center notified 091 of an incident in a local restaurant in Casco, whose name they did not want to provide.

The patrols that arrived at the scene verified that the author had entered through a window after breaking the glass, where the agents could verify that there were traces of blood. Once inside, the thief stole the money from the cash register.

The young man was located moments later in a nearby area, where the police saw that he had bleeding cuts on his arms and hands, for which he had to be transferred urgently to be treated by the health services.

Hidden among his clothes, 150 euros were found, also stained with blood. Once cured, he was arrested and now he will have to answer to the judicial authority for this fact.

This robbery would correspond to one of the various crimes that have occurred in recent times in the hotel and business premises of the historic center of Toledo, a situation that keeps businessmen in the area on alert.

However, from the National Police they wanted to make an appeal for calm because, as they indicate, “the preventive work is working.” Thus, they ensure that there is contact between the Citizen Security delegate and these hoteliers and merchants.

In fact, they remember that recently another 38-year-old man was also arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a robbery with force on May 5 at a terrace-bar in Casco, from which he took 450 euros and on April 11 Another thief who committed seven crimes in different businesses in this neighborhood was arrested after a police investigation.

In addition, they affirm that there are night patrols, both uniformed and plainclothes, constantly controlling all the streets of the city. «In each one of the robberies produced, the scientific police takes fingerprints and checks the images from the cameras. Everything is investigated », they conclude by way of warning.