On an Etihad Airways flight, which took off at 3:15 from Abu Dhabi, and landed at Barcelona airport at 8:11 this Sunday. Thus has ended the journey of Azra Shaheen, 48, to leave Pakistan, after the murder of her daughters Uruj and Anisa Abbas, at the hands of other relatives.

Azra has arrived in the Catalan capital with her young son, Fakhar Raja, 13, after the Police of the Asian country deployed a device to take him from the family home in Gujraj, where the young women were killed, and allow the reunion with his parent. It was she who, from Islamabad and during her telematic statement before the Mossos d’Esquadra, expressed fear for her life.

With the mediation of the consulate and the intervention of local authorities, just a few hours later, the boy was already with his mother in the country’s capital. Both guarded by six agents. This morning, the consul, Mirza Salman, went to the airport to receive Azra and his youngest son, where he stated that they were very tired after a long trip, and “shocked and traumatized” by what happened.

For her part, the mother, in brief statements, thanked the Pakistani Police, the consul, and the Spanish authorities for organizing her return to the Catalan capital. “I am very grateful,” she said. Guarded by agents of the Mossos and the National Police, mother and son have left the airport heading to a protection apartment of the Generalitat in Barcelona, ​​whose location, for security reasons, will not be revealed.