The application of the legal moratorium that established the suspension of the obligations to pay interest and principal for credits and loans, with and without mortgage guarantee, granted to those affected by the volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma has ended with a total of 3,359 requests received by the entities, of which 3,312 (99%) have been granted and 47 (1%) have been denied.

According to information from the Bank of Spain, a total of 926 applications received (28%) corresponded to loans with mortgage guarantee and 2,433 (72%) to other loans.

By amounts, the outstanding balance pending amortization of suspended loans amounted to 135.4 million euros, of which 93.1 million euros (69%) corresponded to mortgage operations and 42.3 million euros to other operations. .

The total number of beneficiaries of the moratorium was 5,004, of which 4,192 were debtors and 812 guarantors. 62% of the beneficiary debtors corresponded to employees, while, in relation to beneficiary guarantors, the percentage of employees stood at 47%.

Regarding business activity (self-employed and companies), the greatest weight by activity branches of the main beneficiaries corresponded to the sectors of commerce (22%), agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing (18%) and hospitality (15%) .