The León Local Police has processed two records for the seizure of knives against an adult and his minor son whom the agents located while they were supposedly waiting for a third person who had made threats against them. Police officers seized several kitchen knives over 20 centimeters, as well as a screwdriver that appeared in the area and that one of those identified recognized as his. According to sources from the City Council of the provincial capital, the events occurred at 5:00 p.m. at the confluence of Peña Ercina and San Antonio streets.

On the other hand, the agents appeared at 6:30 p.m. at a service station on Antibiotics Avenue where security employees were holding a man for the theft of two bottles of vinegar for a combined value of 5.18 euros.

In this case, the Local Police processes the corresponding proceedings.

With regard to traffic, the breathalyzer controls carried out this weekend detected three drivers circulating with rates higher than those allowed on José María Fernández, Pío XII and San Pablo streets. A complaint is also added to one of the sanctioned drivers for lack of respect and consideration of the agents.