With the aim of “helping recent graduates find job opportunities and develop their careers”, the professional social network Linkedin has identified the sectors and positions that are generating the most jobs among young people based on the Economic Graph data collected during 2021. With this information, the professional social network has prepared the First Employment Barometer 2022, where it concludes which are the sectors and jobs with the greatest number of job opportunities.

These jobs include those of software engineers, administrative assistants, waiters, technicians and sales assistants. Along with these positions, other positions stand out, such as those such as warehouse waiters, graphic designers, cashiers, construction workers, nurses, receptionists or teachers.

“Landing in a job market like the current one, in the midst of such an uncertain and changing landscape, is a great challenge for recent graduates. To guide the youngest talent in their first professional steps, we make this barometer available to them, based on Linkedin data (…) The objective is to help the workforce identify the best place to start their career» , explains Marina Valero, editor of Linkedin News in Spain.

In short, from the professional social network they summarize that the sectors with the greatest offer for young people are the following: information technology, business consulting, food and beverage services, machinery manufacturing and telecommunications and media.

Regarding the most demanded skills to achieve professional success, from Linkedin they emphasize that ‘soft skills’ or soft skills are as important as training. “It is also advisable that young people show a good attitude in the selection process in order to stand out,” adds Valero.

In fact, while engineers are required to have training in Java, administrative assistants are required to have knowledge of accounting and mastery of tools such as Word or Excel. For its part, communication is essential for waiters and vendors, as well as the ability to work in a team, flexibility and speak English.

Among the first ten cities that offer more opportunities are Manresa, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Malaga, followed by Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Vigo and Murcia.