Ticks lurk in tall grasses, undergrowth and bushes, just waiting to make themselves comfortable on human or animal skin. There are some methods to protect yourself from ticks. Nevertheless, it can still happen from time to time that one finds itself on the body. There are suitable tools to help you get ticks out of your skin as cleverly as possible without squeezing them. One of them is the tick gripper from Ticksafe. Read below what makes it special, what the founder wants to achieve on the Vox show “The Lions’ Den” and whether the product impresses in the test.

Anyone who discovers a tick on their skin should act quickly, but not unreasonably. The tick must be removed correctly as quickly as possible. Dr. Matthias Meinhold is very familiar with the animals, but so far he has been missing a product that is not too complicated and, above all, reliable. He thought a tick remover should be simple, quick and gentle – and quickly developed it himself. Ticksafe tick removers are available for humans and animals. The rotating tick gripper avoids squeezing or squeezing the animals and parts of them remaining in the skin. Thanks to its soft-grip technology, it allows the tick to be removed gently and undamaged from the skin by turning. If necessary, it can also be sent in to find out whether it was infectious.

The doctor, physicist and inventor from Nuremberg presents his concept on the Vox show DHDL and hopes to find investors. But is Ticksafe’s concept convincing? Stern tested the product itself in advance.

At first glance, the tick gripper from Ticksafe appears to be of high quality and stable for both humans and animals. It’s intuitive to use and it seems like you can’t go wrong with it. However, there are instructions: If you spot a tick, grab Ticksafe, place the gripper a little distance above the tick, press the handle down firmly until the pliers open. Grab the tick as deeply as possible and release the handle so that the animal twists out.

Positive: The scope of delivery includes attractively prepared information on tick protection and ticks in general. Here, buyers can find out, among other things, how they can best protect themselves from ticks, how they should react if they discover a tick and which parts of the body they should look for.

Needs improvement: Information sheet and instructions for use first had to be searched for in the small box. The product is in a cardboard box that cannot be easily removed. The information sheet is hidden behind one side and the instructions are behind the other. Both had to be fished out with some difficulty. What would also be useful for the information material: What do I do if the tick has infected me with Lyme disease, for example? The fact that there is a vaccination to prevent tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), which is transmitted by ticks, and that you can do a blood test about five weeks after a tick bite to check whether you have Lyme disease would have completed the information.

Since the tester did not have a tick in her skin at the time of the test, she tested Ticksafe with an apple and a raisin, as will be the case with “The Lion’s Den”. The product passed this test. The pliers actually have a firm grip, which is also evident during a “dry exercise” on the skin: the skin is grasped without causing pressure, pain or squeezing. The product keeps this promise and is therefore safer than rigid and pointed tools such as tweezers. This approach reduces the risk of pathogens being transmitted.

Important: You should only do the turning with a tool designed for this purpose and not with a rigid device such as tweezers or the fingernails themselves. Then there is a risk that parts of the tick may remain in the skin or the animal may still be squeezed and the The risk of infection is increased.

For just under ten to a maximum of 15 euros, the tick gripper from Ticksafe is not too big of an investment and is worth having in your bag for your animal, yourself or children if you are on the go a lot. It can be used in hard-to-reach places and also for smaller animals. Whether there really is a need for an extra model for animals and whether there are comparable devices on the market remains to be seen – but it does not detract from the simple and sensible handling.

The founder of Ticksafe will compete in “The Lions’ Den” in 2024 to expand his business. He offers 25 percent of his company shares for an investment of 100,000 euros. You can see whether there will be a deal tonight from 8:15 p.m. on Vox.

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