Despite their status as two-time defending Stanley Cup champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning will have to do a lot to convince the bookmakers who remain skeptical of them.

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A few hours before the start of the second round series against the Florida Panthers on Tuesday, the Mise-o-jeu site favored them to advance to the third round. The recipients of the Presidents’ Trophy this season were entitled to odds of 1.57, compared to 2.25 for the “Bolts”, who needed seven games to overcome the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Also, the public can decide on the identity of the winning formation and the number of games it will need to triumph. A win for the Panthers in seven duels (5.25) was the most likely option according to the same platform. However, the odds for Florida winning in five or six games were similar at 5.75 and 5.50, respectively. A sweep could return 10.50 the starting bet.

In contrast, the numbers in favor of the Lightning were higher. A triumph in the expected minimum of matches represented, at 17.00, a risky choice. On the other hand, a win in five, six or seven encounters was likely to offer bettors 9.50, 6.00 or 7.00 the initial amount.