The preliminary draft of the new abortion law that the Council of Ministers is approving this morning will include a medical leave for the days after carrying out a voluntary interruption of pregnancy, according to sources from the Ministry of Equality.

It would be about guaranteeing a time of rest and recovery for women after this surgical or pharmacological intervention, which in many cases is temporarily incapacitating both from a physical and psychological point of view. The woman who suffers the interruption of pregnancy, in addition, will have the right to a comprehensive and specialized assistance and accompaniment and, in advance, will have a specific helpline and information to help her in the choice of the abortion method and to give her a solution of all the problems you may have during the administrative and health process.

The law, in addition to other innovations such as the creation of a specific leave for women with incapacitating menstruation or a prenatal permit from week 39 of pregnancy until delivery, will guarantee the free delivery of the morning after pill in all health centers and in sexual and reproductive health services, a product that is currently sold only in pharmacies and that costs approximately 20 euros.