Don Juan Carlos is now returning to Spain from the same place from which he left for Abu Dhabi in August 2020: the Peinador airport, in Vigo, to spend a few days in Sanxenjo (Pontevedra) at the home of his close friend Pedro Campos, president of the Real Club Náutico of the tourist capital of the Rías Bajas. Campos, host then and now of the King Emeritus, remembers that last night he spent in Sanxenxo before leaving on the morning of August 3, 2020: a dinner with friends and a film by Alfredo Landa, with which the King’s father Don Felipe “He burst out laughing.”

“When he left the other time, nobody found out, neither did we find out,” Campos told ABC shortly before meeting his old friend yesterday, whom he went to look for in his own car at the airport.

That night of August 2, 2020, they had a quiet dinner and, since they had time, they had nothing to do, Campos told Don Juan Carlos that he had recently seen the movie ‘las Autonosuyas’ again: the latest film by Rafael Gil, from 1983, starring Alfredo Landa, and which satirizes the State of Autonomies and the co-official languages. And, as the King Emeritus had not seen it, they reproduced it again, and Don Juan Carlos liked it a lot, according to what Campos tells this newspaper.

The next morning, Don Juan Carlos left for abroad. His friends did not know, when they said goodbye, that they were not going to see Don Juan Carlos again for almost two years. But Pedro Campos’ wife, Cristina Franze, “who has a lot of intuition”, according to the president of the yacht club to ABC, told him then, after that farewell: “The hug he gave you is not that of someone who going on vacation.” Yesterday, the two friends hugged again 22 months later, although surely, after a trip of more than eight hours by plane, Don Juan Carlos would not have the body for another movie.