The Galician labor market resists the uncertainties that lie in wait for the economy. Despite high inflation, the war in Ukraine or the supply crisis, the number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services (former Inem) fell by 4,482 people in Galicia during the month of May. The figure represents a decrease of 2.98% compared to April, according to data published this Thursday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy. The percentage is slightly lower than the Spanish average, where unemployment fell by 3.3%.

The total number of registered unemployed in the Community stood at 146,120 workers. In the lists of the public employment services there are 19,186 people (-11.61%) less registered than a year ago.

In Spain as a whole, this decline was even more pronounced, with a year-on-year fall of 22.7%, reaching its lowest level in the last 13 years.

By province, Pontevedra was the one that registered the best performance in May, creating 2,138 jobs (-3.59% compared to April), and remaining with 57,495 unemployed. It is followed by Orense, with a decrease of 3.32% and 557 less unemployed people, up to 16,781 unemployed. For its part, in A Coruña there are 57,849 unemployed, 1,514 less than a month ago (-2.55%), and in Lugo this figure remains at 13,995 people, 1.78% less and 253 unemployed less than in April of this same year. 41.8% of the Galician unemployed are men, while 58.2% are women. The greatest decrease in unemployed has occurred in the services sector.