Colombia today elects the 115th president in its history. In this first round, it is to be expected that Gustavo Petro, the candidate of the Historical Pact, a left-wing coalition, will go to the second round (without totally ruling out that he could win the presidency today), while his rival on June 19 will be defined as Rodolfo Hernández , a populist ‘outsider’ who has grown in voting intention, and Federico Gutiérrez, the candidate of the right-wing coalition. This, along with Petro, are the ones with the best chance of going to the second round, if the result is not defined today.

39,002,239 Colombians are eligible to vote.

-Abstention in 2018 was 47%, although in general it exceeds 50%.

-There are six presidential candidates: Gustavo Petro (left), Federico Gutiérrez (right), Sergio Fajardo (center), Rodolfo Hernández (outsider), John Milton Rodríguez (evangelical right), Enrique Gómez Martínez (more conservative right).

-In Colombia, 102,152 voting stations are enabled.

-Abroad, where voting began on May 22. 1,372 tables were set up in 203 polling stations in 67 countries, to serve the 972,764 potential voters.

-The security of the day is provided by 221,000 uniformed personnel, with an additional reserve of 80,000.

-There are 67,377 electoral witnesses registered by the different parties, and six international electoral missions that will follow the day.

-The polls open at 8.00 a.m. local (3.00 p.m. from Spain) and close at 4.00 p.m. (11:00 p.m. from Spain). At six in the afternoon (1 in the morning) it is estimated that Colombia will already have the results, which will define whether or not there is a second round.