The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 1 of the National Court, Alejandro Abascal, has agreed this Wednesday the immediate release of Javier Biosca, charged with a string of crimes related to an alleged millionaire macro-scam with cryptocurrencies against three hundred people and who had in custody since his arrest in June last year.

The resolution is the result of the deposit of one million euros in cash that a Seville company posted on Tuesday in favor of Biosca, as reported by this newspaper. The judge asked the Prosecutor’s Office for an urgent report on the convenience of accepting the money and what the Public Ministry has answered, according to the documentation to which ABC had access, is that once the funds have been consigned in court, “Immediate provisional release proceeds”, with precautionary measures and “without prejudice to the possibility of investigating the origin and traceability of said amount”.

“Since the bail set for the exoneration of the custodial measure against Javier Biosca has been provided, it is appropriate, in accordance with what was agreed, and even when the facts under investigation continue to have the character of a crime and there are rational indications of criminality against the investigated, to carry out the provisional release of that one, ”says Judge Abascal accordingly.

However, it imposes on him to appear in court every fifteen days, hand over his passport and prohibition to leave national territory, in line with what was established by the Criminal Chamber of the National Court, which, in response to an appeal from Biosca, established that he could leave released provisionally with precautionary measures if he consigned one million euros as bail and was subject to those measures aimed at preventing him from escaping.

“Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned obligations will entail an immediate arrest warrant against the accused and the modification of his personal situation in accordance with legal requirements,” says the judge.