A year and a half of investigation without progress has resulted in the filing of the espionage case against Republicans Roger Torrent and Ernest Maragall, with the Pegasus software. The Investigating Court 32 of Barcelona has shelved the investigations, provisionally, due to the lack of a known perpetrator, pending the rogatory commissions to Israel and Ireland to follow the trail of the intrusion in two mobile phones.

For his part, the lawyer for the company councilor and the ERC councilor at the Barcelona City Council, Andreu Van den Eynde, has already appealed the file, after the complaint that both affected parties filed in October 2020, thus being the first to denounce the infection of their mobiles with the spyware.

It was not until two years later, this past April, when a Citizien Lab investigation revealed the massive espionage of more than 60 independentistas. After that, the investigations of Instruction 32 were reactivated and, a few days ago, the head of the court, José Antonio Cruz de Pablo, requested the analysis of the mobiles of Torrent and Maragall, to provide them as expert evidence.

Now the judge files the case provisionally, pending Israel’s response to the rogatory commission, so that the manufacturer of Pegasus, the Israeli company NSO, provides the required information.