The Health Emergency Service of the Valencian Community (SESCV) launches its website coinciding with the International Day of Emergency Medicine, which is commemorated this Friday, May 27.

The ‘home’ of the new website includes information to help citizens identify when we are facing a health emergency, in which situation a person’s life may be in danger and how to act in these cases.

Specifically, the first thing to do is to protect yourself and the victim. Then immediately call 112 to tell what happened, how many people are affected, where it happened and follow the instructions of professionals.

Thirdly, you have to help the victim, if you have knowledge of first aid techniques and let yourself be guided by the expert personnel who attend the call.

In addition, it should be noted that the new SESCV website, both in its ‘home’ and in a specific section, shows a series of tips aimed at the population to know what to do in the event of certain emergencies.

In this way, citizens are taught to know how to act in the event of a cardiorespiratory arrest; a choking; a traffic accident; a heart attack; a stroke; an unconscious person; a drowning; a heat stroke; a hemorrhage; burns or electrical shocks.

In the case of cardiorespiratory arrest and choking, two explanatory videos are also included showing, respectively, how basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation or cardiac massage is performed and how the Heimlich maneuver is performed.

The website also incorporates recommendations regarding the content that a first aid kit must have. This is: hand washing gel; nitrile gloves; physiological saline; skin antiseptic; corticosteroid ointment (hydrocortisone 1%); sterile gauze pads; compresses; adhesive tape or band-aids; bandages; scissors and tweezers. The SESCV advises that you have a first aid kit at home, when traveling or when practicing sports abroad.

On the other hand, the new portal of the SESCV has, among others, sections in which the activity of the service is reported; of the different resources available to the Valencian Community; as well as information aimed at professionals, in terms of training or prevention of occupational hazards.