The Valencia 2007 Consortium -the body formed by the local, regional and central administrations to transform part of the port area of ​​this city in order to host the America’s Cup and currently responsible for the management and exploitation of the Marina- has initiated this Monday its liquidation with the appointment of a commission in charge of carrying out this process.

During this stage, the activity of the Navy will continue pending a new management formula for this environment. The extinction of this entity starts after the central government abandoned it once it had assumed most of the debt contracted to execute the works that required the celebration of the international sailing competition and in accordance with the established statutes and the commitment assumed by the Spanish Executive in this regard.

The start of the liquidation was announced this Monday by the Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Rebeca Torró, and the Mayor of the Valencian capital, Joan Ribó, after the meeting of the Governing Council of the Consortium in which its future and the beginning of its disappearance.

The first has detailed that in this meeting “a liquidation commission with a member of the Generalitat and one of the City Council” has been presented and has pointed out that it has been “left open that there is a member of the State.” “We are going to start the liquidation process with the aim that in the meantime the tasks of the Navy continue their normal course”, Ribó specified, “thinking of the workers -of the Consortium-, the companies -located in the Navy- and the millions of people who come» to visit this enclave.

The municipal official has considered it “very important” to maintain the current situation “while the entire process lasts”, while at the same time expressing the “Will of the City Council to continue working on the Marina with the necessary mechanisms” -he has said that in this At the moment they cannot be defined– and he recalled that the consistory owns “the entire northern part.” “We want to continue,” he stressed.

Rebeca Torro, for her part, has reiterated the “vocation” of the Generalitat to “set up a new consortium to be able to fully manage the Marina”. “We started the liquidation process. The liquidators will already determine everything that corresponds », she has exposed, at the same time that she has highlighted that they will work « together with the City Council ».

Asked about how long the liquidation may last, Ribó and Torró have ruled out giving dates, but the mayor has indicated that they have asked “to be as fast as possible.” The minister has specified that the process begins “with an inventory and with the corresponding audits.”

Likewise, regarding the characteristics that a new entity that manages the Navy could have, they have not given details because they consider that it is “very soon”, as the mayor has said, and they have insisted on the “will to continue working”. “We have launched the consortium proposal but we are open to being able jointly, the Generalitat and the City Council, to work in a new space that will lead us to the Marina’s own management”, Torró stated.