The President of the United States, Joe Biden, will be visiting Texas on Sunday, May 29th. America discovered Saturday that the first testimony of Uvalde survivors was available. They described the horror at the Texas school where a gunman shot and killed 19 students and two teachers.

The Texas authorities had issued a mea culpa the day before. They admitted that the police made a mistake by not quickly entering the building. The police took around an hour to end the massacre, despite numerous calls from children requesting intervention. The attack of a special unit was awaited by the 19 agents present at the scene.

The shooter Salvador Ramos was just 18 years old when he entered the room and locked the children in. Samuel Salinas (10 year old survivor) told ABC that Salvador Ramos entered the room and closed the door. He then opened fire on the children. The child testified that he seemed to be aiming at him, but a chair was placed between the shooter and the child.

Samuel Salinas tried to “play dead” in the bloody room.

Miah Cerrillo (11 years old) tried to avoid Salvador Ramos’s attention in the same manner. CNN unfilmed testimony: The girl covered herself with the blood of her comrade who was lying next to her. After saying “goodnight” to her, she had just witnessed the teenager shoot his teacher.

Daniel, another student, said to the Washington Post that the victims waited for police to arrive and rescue them. However, no one shouted.

His teacher was also injured but survived the attack and whispered to his students to “stay calm” as he urged them to remain still.

Another child was also shot by a bullet. She had asked her teacher to call the police and said she was “bleeding quite a bit”. Daniel, who cannot sleep alone and suffers from nightmares, agreed. Briana Ruiz, her mother, said that the children who survived are “traumatized and will have to live with it all their lives.”

Samuel Salinas said that he also had nightmares in which he saw a shooter. It is still frightening to think about going back to school or seeing your friends. He said that he was not looking forward to going back to school, and added that he wanted “to stay home” and “rest.”

On Saturday morning, Uvalde was filled with people who gathered in the central square to pay their respects to the victims. One can write “I love and miss you” on the 21 crosses now placed there.

Flowers, soft toys and messages are left by the inhabitants for the teachers and pupils. Also, think about the survivors. Humberto Renovato (33), said, “We must help these children get rid of this trauma, that pain.”

The President of the United States, Jill Biden, and his wife will be traveling to Uvalde this Sunday to “share the sorrow” of those who were affected by the horrific shootings. “You can’t make dramas unlawful, I know that. We can make America safer,” Joe Biden said in a speech Saturday. He lamented that “in so many locations, so many innocent persons have died.”

Kamala Harris was its vice-president and attended the funeral of one African-American victim of a racist shooting in Buffalo in New York in May. She said, “We won’t let those who are motivated to hate separate us from them or scare us.”

America’s traumas were reactivated by the Uvalde shooting. The faces of the young victims (ages 9-11) were repeatedly shown on television. Their testimonies from their families who have lost everything moved the nation, reviving calls for stricter firearm regulations. The Democratic president has repeatedly decried the “epidemic of gun violence” but has failed to pass major legislation.