The Official Gazette of the Province has published this Monday the call for subsidies called Demographic Impulse that are included in the Soria Plan for all boys and girls born in 2021.

From now until next August 4, a new edition opens with an economic endowment of 450,000 euros. The main novelty of these aids, popularly known as Baby Checks, is that a minimum of 800 euros per beneficiary is established, which, at the request of the members of the Social Dialogue Table, is provided with a variable of 200 euros to supplement lower incomes.

All interested families can now apply for these subsidies, highlighting that families who opt for the low-income supplement must attach the corresponding supporting documents.

They are direct aid intended for all Soria families who have had or adopted a child over the past year, 2021, and which fulfill a dual function, because “in addition to helping the birth rate by granting financial support to families, they also encourage the commerce sector”, since the entire amount granted, 450,000 euros, has a direct impact on businesses in the capital and province, whose only requirement to participate is that they have joined the Plan and have a dataphone. All the participating businesses, around 300, are identified with a sticker on the outside for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

For more information, you can access all the bases at this link: