…And the fratricidal war did not end with the split. Recupera Madrid will present a lawsuit in a few days before the Prosecutor’s Office against Más Madrid for “falsifying the minutes”. The complaint focuses on the adulteration of the signature of two people” for the transformation of the “instrumental party of regional scope More Madrid in More Country monopolizing its CIF”.

This was announced at a press conference by the split-off Carmenista councilors of Más Madrid Marta Higueras, Luis Cueto and José Manuel Calvo, who explained that if they did not denounce it before it was because of “the delicate situation of the left”. But, faced with the barrage of insults they feel they receive when they are accused of turncoats, they have decided to take the step.

“In a few days we will present a lawsuit to submit that false public document to the Prosecutor’s Office. It is the document that served to transform an instrumental party into a state-level party,” Cueto advanced, who did not want to specify the identity of the two people whose signatures were allegedly falsified until filing the lawsuit. The three councilors have assured that they will provide evidence that they have just collected recently of this alleged crime.

Calvo, in turn, has assured that “there are many things” that they have “wanted to avoid so as not to damage the electoral options of the left, but it cannot continue in silence given the false accusations of the spokeswoman for Más Madrid, Rita Maestre” .

The councilors of Recupera Madrid have charged against the “mafia” practices of the management of the group to which they belonged, affirming that “illegal financing” is incurred with the financial letter since it forces “illegal fees to be collected from people, such as temporary staff, not affiliated with the party, in addition to the demand for payments to neighboring members”.

In this sense, they have recalled that they have firm sentences already won by the members, who had to be reinstated “after expelling them for not paying the required amounts.”

For the still today members of the Mixed Group, the financial charter of Más Madrid is “illegal” because it is not a donation, as described in the Civil Code in its article 618.

“It is evident that the financial letter does not constitute an act of generosity since it is required to do so, being a sine qua non condition to accept it to access the position of neighbor member and to remain in it. At the moment in which something is obtained in exchange and/or it is of an obligatory nature, it is no longer considered a donation”, they have argued in Recupera Madrid.

To this they have added a “harassment of workers, councilors and staff who did not accept the directives of Rita Maestre’s management” being proof of this that Más Madrid “is the party that has lost the most councilors in a legislature, with a record of dismissals between neighboring vowels”.

“Faced with the very serious accusations made about turncoating, we have endured until now but we have to explain the reasons why we left: Rita Maestre’s party uses organic practices incompatible with being in that group,” the Recupera spokeswoman told the press. Madrid, Marta Higueras.

His colleague José Manuel Calvo has added that until now they had been “excessively cautious in the face of the succession of attacks, insults and slander by Más Madrid and especially by Rita Maestre accusing us of transfugism and vote buying”.

“We left Más Madrid because we were fed up with sectarian practices, cronyism, where there is a small clique of leaders close to Rita Maestre and if you don’t agree with them they take you to the thinking corner,” Calvo argued.

The mayor has insisted that the three of them were not willing “to accept mafia practices such as extortion, asking for money from possible charges knowing that it is illegal and falsifying an act that was raised to a public document before a notary” and that now they have an expert.