The Carmenista councillors, who split from Más Madrid to form the Mixed Group which they called Recupera Madrid, will present themselves in the 2023 elections as a group of voters, far from the “party lobbies”. «It will be a candidacy committed to Madrid one hundred percent. With the grouping of voters, it would not be possible to go from More Madrid to More Country. And it would not matter who governs in Ferraz or in Sol, there will be no obstacles or brakes, ”explained the councilor Luis Cueto, accompanied by the mayor José Manuel Calvo in a presentation ceremony in which the spokesperson for the Mixed Group was not present, Marta Higueras, although she does support the initiative with a video intervention.

The group of voters -presented almost a year before the month established by the Electoral Law in which to collect the 8,000 signatures necessary to attend the elections- offers the “radical independence that the people of Madrid are asking for,” Cueto insisted.

This initiative will seek “the best professionals, not politicians who are worth everything, as happens in parties.” To do this, they will seek alliances with civil society. «Let them tell us who will be the delegate for the Environment, for Urbanism. We do not say who the councilors will be, but they. We will seek the complicity of the associations that want to commit to us”, they have pointed out.