The bullfighters of Toledo are at a time when they throw a goat at them, make it charge and, of course, cut off its ears. What San Isidro for history! Three times the main door of Las Ventas has been opened and in all three of them a kid from the province has come out on the shoulders of it. First it was Tomás Rufo, from Pepino, in his confirmation of alternative; then the novillero Álvaro Alarcón, from Torrijos, in his debut; and this Friday Ángel Téllez, from Mora, who had already fought at the fair and won the repetition for his good work. And we must not forget Álvaro Lorenzo, from Toledo capital, who has fought two bullfights and in both he touched hair, in addition to being gored.

Each case is different. Rufo is the youngest at 22 years old and, however, he has already been entrusted with the task of being a figure. As a novillero he left through the front door of Madrid, he received his doctorate in September of last year in Valladolid and his guardians, the Lozano family from Toledo, bet heavily for this season: first-class places and posters with the best. And he has come out round because, apart from triumphing in the capital, Rufo also came out through the Puerta del Príncipe at the April fair in Seville.

Meanwhile, Alarcón is 23 years old and has a career that seems very exciting. He made his debut with picks in his town in 2019, in the past Fallas de Valencia he was about to go out on his shoulders by cutting off an ear and going around the ring and in San Isidro he has achieved what no bullfighter had achieved 15 years ago.

Finally, Ángel Téllez, who is one week away from his 24th birthday, took the alternative in Guadalajara in 2019 and since then has added twenty bullfights. After the San Isidro that he has kicked out, the logical thing is that his contracts multiply.