The Biggest Games Of June 2024

June is a bit of a paradox on the gaming calendar, because while the month is loaded with showcase events from some of the biggest names in the business, it’s surprisingly quiet on the release front. On the plus side, the games releasing this month include a healthy mix of genres, ranging from ambitious mobile games to HD remasters, spine-tingling horror, and simian shenanigans. Easily the biggest release in June is the long-awaited Elden Ring expansion Shadow of the Erdtree. After a couple of years in development, expectations are high for this return to the dark fantasy world of Elden Ring.

Arguably the most-important expansion in Destiny 2’s history, The Final Shape brings the decade-long Light and Darkness saga to an end this month. Alongside an epic battle where all of creation is at stake, Bungie is teasing some big changes to its game, including the new Prism subclass, strange new foes to battle, and a topsy-turvy world inside of the Traveler to explore. Cult-classic horror movies have found new life as asymmetrical multiplayer video games, and Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game is the latest beloved IP to join that list. It’s a fight for survival between Killer Klowns and the citizens of Crescent Cove, and players will need to use their wits to survive.

A third-person PvP arena action game, Star Wars: Hunters is finally ready to drop out of hyperspace and onto mobile devices this month. You’ll be able to play as Stormtroopers, Jedi, and Wookies in this game, and Zynga aims to reward its most dedicated players as part of a “Hunters of the Outer Rim” competition that’ll be available at launch. Another–and far bigger–game headed to select mobile devices this month is Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Ubisoft’s back-to-basics approach to Assassin’s Creed launched on PC and console this year, and with Apple making a big deal about how powerful its M4-equipped hardware is, this open-world game set in ancient Baghdad is ready to sneak onto iOS devices this month.

You’ve had three years to buy a Switch console and play Shin Megami Tensei V, but thanks to your tardiness, you can now look forward to the ultimate edition of the game. Atlus has said that this version of the game add around 75 extra hours of new content as it breaks free of Nintendo Switch exclusivity. A brand-new story route called Canon of Vengeance–which significantly changes the plot in the second half–new places to explore, more demons to battle, and harder choices to make are some of the other highlights fans can expect. Sure, you’ve played some of the best Monster Hunter games of recent memory, but don’t sleep on Monster Hunter Stories! The first game in the series was originally released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016 (and later ported to iOS), and it’s making the jump to PC, Switch, and PS4 in June.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Dear Esther developer The Chinese Room knows how to keep its players on the edge of their seat, and Still Wakes the Deep looks like a spooky new adventure from the studio. Stuck on an oil rig during a vicious storm, an unknowable horror has climbed aboard and is wreaking havoc on the platform around you. All lines of communication have been severed, all exits are gone, and an unrelenting foe is hunting you down in this immersive disaster story. Shadow of the Erdtree might be billed as an expansion to Elden Ring, but so far, this new slice of content looks like a gigantic extension to the best game of 2022. With new foes to face, equipment to collect, and an all-new story, June looks like a good month to return to The Lands Between.

Let’s get ready to rumble! RGG studio might be known for its Yakuza series of games, but when the developer isn’t creating riveting gangland drama stories, it’s also causing chaos with its simian troublemakers. This new entry in the series leans heavily on multiplayer fun, as up to 16 players can compete online across multiple game modes as they aim to become the top banana. If you’d prefer something smaller, you can swing into a four-player co-op mode, or experience some storytime shenanigans in an all-new Adventure Mode. More than 10 years after it first launched on the Nintendo 3DS, Luigi is back to bust some ghosts. Now going under the title of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, this enhanced version of the charming adventure adds several graphical tweaks to the experience. Beyond that, you can expect all the same puzzles, enemies, and even the ScareScraper multiplayer mode in this updated version.