A donut type fritter, filled with creamy red prawn and chard with spicy mayonnaise, chard emulsion and pickles typical of the marina high of the La Xerna del Mar restaurant in Denia, has been chosen as the Best Native Creation of the Tapas d’Ací contest , which has taken place at the CdT de València. The initiative is part of the “Tapas d’Ací” campaign that, from May 5 to 22, seeks to promote the Valencian tapas culture and serve as a stimulus to a sector that has been particularly affected by the pandemic. CONHOSTUR formed by Hospitality Valencia; the Provincial Association of Catering and Tourism Entrepreneurs of Castellón (ASHOTUR) and the Provincial Association of Catering Entrepreneurs of Alicante (APEHA) and Turisme Comunitat Valenciana are the promoters of a gastronomic proposal that takes place in 60 bars and restaurants in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante.

During the contest, six male and female chefs -two from each province- have shown their talent in creating the best Valencian tapa. The jury has based its decision on criteria such as presentation and creativity, sensory values ​​or identification with the principles of the event through local products. In second and third place, the restaurant La Carrasca de Culla has been recognized, with its cover “Che! Quin Churro” and the Casa Toni de Paterna restaurant, whose proposal has consisted of a tribute to the famous Cordà de Paterna.

Along with them were José Francisco Gómez (Los Infantes Restaurant in Alicante), Gemma Gimeno (El Cid Restaurant in Castellón) and Lucas Ezequiel Maldonado (Ca Miri Resto-Bar in Valencia).

The jury was chaired by Cuchita Lluch (member of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy), and María José Martínez (Canvas Restaurant, 1 Michelin Star), Alejandra Herrador and Emanuel Carlucci (Atalaya Restaurant, 1 Michelin Star) and Carlos Corredor (Guide director Gastronomy of Alicante).

The awards ceremony was chaired by the Regional Secretary for Tourism, Francesc Colomer, who recognized “the importance of the cover as a concept in capital letters, as a business card in which the landscape, the territory are also integrated…” and Manuel Espinar , president of CONHOSTUR who has recalled that this is a contest that “began in 2018 and that each year has been generating more enthusiasm and call for participants”.

The winning restaurant will participate on June 14 in an international promotion action that will take place in Zurich to promote Valencian gastronomy, organized by CONHOSTUR and Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and in which Kiko Moya (L’Escaleta 2 Michelin Stars), will also participate. María José Martínez (Landau Restaurant 1 Michelin Star), Alejandra Herrador and Emanuel Carlucci (Atalaya Restaurant 1 Michelin Star), Josep Palomares (Xiri Restaurant, Winner of the Best Tapa Contest 2021) and the sommelier Manuela Romeralo.