The Presidency of Board candidates will hold the first’sixth’ debate on Monday 6 at RTVE. It will last 110 minutes and be divided into three thematic blocks.

According to RTVE, the debate will take place on Monday, June 6th at 10:05 p.m. and will be broadcast live from the headquarters in Seville of the Territorial Center for RTVE-Andalusia. .

Participation in the debate will be given by Juan Espadas (PSOE–A), Juanma Móno (PP–A), Juan Antonio Marin(Citizens), Inmaculada Nito (For Andalusia), Macarena Olona, Vox and Teresa Rodriguez. (Adelante Andalucia), will be presented by Paloma Jara (Director of RTVE–Andalucia), while Xabier Fortes, the director and presenter, will moderate the debate.

Concerning Teresa Rodriguez’s participation, which was endorsed by The Andalusian Electoral Board it is subject to a possible appeal before the Central Electoral Board against the presence of her in the debate. However, this coalition has not yet made a decision.

The debate will last 110 minutes and be divided into three blocks: Economics, taxation, employment, and taxation; Education and health, social services, equality and Territorial challenge.

Each candidate will have an opening and closing minute at each end of the debate.

La 1, Canal 24 Horas Radio 5, Radio 5 and will host the live debate. The main proposals and interventions of the participants will be analyzed in a follow-up program presented by Igor Gomez, as well as in the news programs on TVE and RNE.

Radio Television de Andalucia (RTVA) will host the second electoral debate.