The Alicante Water Museum has hosted the presentation of the exhibition “A Winter in Tabarca” by Aurora Domínguez Mata. The III Art and Environment Cycle organized by Aguas de Alicante is the framework for this exhibition, which will remain open to the public until September 2, 2022.

The act has had the participation of the artist, who has carried out an explanation on the symbology that embodies the work, together with Martín Sanz, director of Communication and Institutional Relations of the company. “My proposal for the Water Museum has as its main objective the conservation of the collective memory and the sound heritage of the Island of Tabarca, as well as being an invitation to become aware of what is sustainable and what is sustainable,” said Domínguez.

In the words of Martín Sanz, «with this innovative proposal, we want to offer the visitor a double vision of current environmental issues and their artistic response as a form of collective awareness. ‘A winter in Tabarca’ is a sample of great projection, according to the background, talent and experience of Aurora Domínguez, in addition to the perfect setting for the commemoration this week of an event such as World Environment Day on June 5 ».

The files collected from comprehensive listening include field recordings of the island from all its approaches: geographic, meteorological, ethnological, demographic, marine, ornithological, morphological and economic. For their part, the pieces of a poetic nature are sensory metaphors called sunrise, noon and sunset, and their objective is to grant the recipient the experience of perceiving time and space from consciousness through listening. This sound proposal manages to create the space, without the need to occupy it; this happens as a mental representation and the spectator is immersed in a map of mental images that he will build from the sound of the pieces.

The background of “A winter in Tabarca” is the invitation to a reflection that raises awareness about the importance of the sustainable and sustainable. The sustainable, in terms of the importance of the correct use of the current resources of the island: preserve, protect and conserve the natural resources that it has to ensure future well-being. The sustainable, claimed in the project as an awareness exercise, inviting to look at the island with different eyes and teaching new models of interaction with it: listen to its sounds, enjoy its native nature or discover those words of the Valencian dialect that are only typical of these inhabitants already in danger of extinction.

Graduated in Philosophy and Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid, Aurora Domínguez Mata also studied Architecture at the Technische Universität in Berlin and was a member of the groups Plastique-fantastique and Popticum, both in Berlin.