Missing for three days, a sexagenarian suffering from dementia was rescued on May 6 thanks to the barking of her dog, a real “little miracle”, according to the police.

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Sherry Noppe, 63, was last seen walking her black Labrador, Max, at a park in the Houston, Texas area. Her disappearance was shared on Instagram by a Harris County police officer.

Hundreds of volunteers and police participated in the search for Ms. Noppe, according to county police spokesman Jeff McShan in an interview with CNN. Drones equipped with infrared cameras flew over areas of the park where a human or his dog could be hiding.

However, it was Max’s barking that led the rescuers to Mrs. Noppe.

The 60-year-old was found safe and sound in George Bush Park in Houston on Friday, May 6.

“She was located at around 3am on Friday by a group of tireless volunteers and officers who were alerted to the sound of her dog, Max, barking in the woods,” a family friend said. , Michael England.

“Max saved his life,” he added.

The woman was found lying in a “swampy area”, more than three kilometers from where she was last seen. Max never left his mistress’s side, even though he was not wearing a collar or leash at the time of the disappearance.

“Ms. Noppe and Max are now safe at home,” said Constable McShan.