Tesla boss Elon Musk ordered his staff to report to work full-time. He declared that remote working is unacceptable.

The policy was communicated via emails, which were then leaked to social media.

Tesla did not respond when asked for comment about the messages. One of them appeared to have been addressed to executives.

When asked about the policy, Musk tweeted that people who don’t want to follow the rules can “pretend they work somewhere else”.

He wrote that Tesla employees must spend at least 40 hours per week in the office. We will assume that you have resigned if you fail to show up.

According to emails, employees were instructed to report to work at the main office of the company and not a branch office that is unrelated to their job duties.

Musk stated that he would personally review all requests to exempt the policy from his consideration.

Musk stated that Musk requires factory workers to work in the office at least half-time. He also said that in-person collaboration is crucial for the firm’s success.

There are companies that don’t need this, but when is the last time they launched a new product? He said it’s been awhile in an email. This was one of two emails that were leaked and shared via social media.

Tesla is a company that will produce and manufacture some of the most meaningful and exciting products on Earth. You cannot phoning it in to make this happen.”

Many companies are pondering whether they will allow remote work practices to continue that were popularized during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some industries, like banking, indicated early that staff would need to return to work, while others, including the tech industry, said they would allow remote work indefinitely. Many organizations have chosen to allow both.

According to Kastle data, office occupancy in the US stands at 43% according to Kastle. The company runs security card access systems in thousands of buildings across the nation.

Musk is known for his hard-charging attitude and dedication to his work. He doesn’t take holidays, and he used to sleep on the factory floor during a Tesla crunch time a few years back.

He wrote that “the more senior you are the more visible must your presence be” in an email on remote work policy.

“That’s why I lived in the factory so often – so that the people on the line could see my work alongside them.” Tesla would have been bankrupt if I hadn’t done that.

Musk previously stated that he was against remote work. He wrote on Twitter earlier this month that Covid’s “stay-at-home” stuff had tricked people into believing that they don’t need to work hard. Rude awakening inbound!”

His comments suggested the possibility of a new clash of cultures among the Twitter staff, which he is currently buying for $44bn (PS35.3bn).

Parag Agrawal, chief executive of the firm, stated in March that staff could work remotely “forever”.

Agrawal posted a note to employees on social media, saying “As you open back up our approach remains unchanged.” You will work wherever you feel the most creative and productive, even if that means you can work from home all day.

“Office every day?” It works just as well. You can work from home or at the office. Yes.