The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Oleksii Makeiev, has rejected Russian allegations that his country was involved in the attack near Moscow that left at least 139 dead. “Yes, I rule that out,” the diplomat said on Deutschlandfunk. Makeiev spoke of “absurd accusations.” Russia is trying to accuse Ukraine of terrorism in order to distract from its own terrorism.

In last Friday’s attack, at least 139 people were killed and almost 200 were injured when four gunmen opened fire in the Crocus City Hall concert hall. The terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) claims responsibility for the worst attack in Russia in years. Russian politicians also speak of Islamist terrorists. However, they assume that they could have acted on behalf of Ukraine or its Western supporters.

“There is a huge war raging in Europe”

Ukraine has been engaged in a defensive war against Russia for over two years. Moscow attacked the neighboring country in February 2022. Makeiev opposed statements by SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich about “freezing” the war. The ambassador referred to many rounds of negotiations with Russia since 2014, in which Germany was also involved. “This freeze has only led to a huge war raging in Europe today,” Makeiev said. According to his own statements, the diplomat spoke behind closed doors last week with Mützenich, SPD leader Lars Klingbeil and SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert. He was assured that I would not change anything about Germany’s support for Ukraine, even the SPD.

At the same time, Makeiev is pushing for rapid deliveries of weapons and ammunition. “We don’t need this tomorrow, not the day after, but today,” emphasized the ambassador. Ukraine must accept Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s (SPD) no to the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles, even if it does not agree with it. Scholz justified his no by saying that, in his opinion, Germany should not give up control over target detection, since the Taurus missiles can hit targets in Russia.

Makeiev said there was no reason for distrust of his country. Ukraine has always kept promises regarding the handling of weapons supplied. At the same time, he emphasized the Ukrainian army’s ability to handle even complex weapon systems.