NASHVILLE (WZTV), a pastor in Middle Tennessee set fire to books and other materials Wednesday night. He cited the church’s “biblical rights” to “burn… cultic material that they consider to be a threat to their religious freedoms and beliefs system.”

The event was held at the Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tenn. led by Pastor Greg Locke.

He has been a frequent target of controversy. He called the COVID-19 Delta variant “nonsense,” the vaccines a form government control and the pandemic “fake.” His Twitter account was banned after he made these claims. Pastor Locke also criticized Republican Tennessee Governor. Bill Lee, calling the governor a “coward…noodle…waffler” for an executive order which allowed the National Guard to assist hospitals strained during the heights of the pandemic last year.Now, the pastor has turned his ire to books and other materials deemed “demonic.” Locke, in a sermon prior to the burning, also attacked the Department of Homeland Security, claiming that they were there. He said, “Homeland security coming up to a Church cause we’re going to have a burning.” This country has lost its mind.

Locke said that the fire was meant to stir it up and added that there was something symbolic about it. This was in reference to items Locke and his congregation brought to church. Locke stated in an Instagram post that “anything connected to the Masonic Lodge must be destroyed.”